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Quilts by Cedar Ridge Outdoors

Here at Cedar Ridge we offer many custom made products. Leading the way is our handmade, custom Quilts. As with all our products we take pride in the fact that we make everything by hand. What does that mean exactly? Every part of our Quilts are made this way. All of our quilt use a box baffle design, with a combination of Vertical and Horizontal baffles to maximize warmth. We offer 2 different quilt options at this time, the LeConte line and the Fontana Line.

LeConte Quilts

The LeConte Topquilt is a high end, highly custom quilt.  Our footboxes are roomier and our cuts are bigger than many of our competitors. The Leconte features a DWR coated 10D Argon .67  inner and is available with a choice of 15D Argon .90 or 10D Argon .67 outer shell.  We also offer a wide variety of custom prints available from Print2Fabric. We are currently using DownTek 850fp Goose Down.  

What is DownTek™?
Here’s the thing: Down is the single best insulation that exists. Period.

Its Achilles heel? Water. Rain. Sweat. Snow. Anything wet. Mother Nature designed down clusters to trap pockets of air. Those pockets insulate, keeping you warm and comfortable. Unless they get wet. Then, those air-trapping pockets deflate and lose their ability to insulate.

Enter DownTek™—Insulation with Loftier Aspirations. It shields insulating air-trapping down clusters from all wet things. It’s the most amazing thing since the umbrella.

  • Original clean chemistry C6 formula
  • No PFOA and no PFOS
  • Lasts up to 1000 minutes on the shake test
  • Stays dry >90% longer than untreated down

CRO Products

We always strive to bring the best products we can at competitive prices. We offer many customizable options on our quilt such as Print2Fabric custom printed fabrics and even your choice of Stitching color. All you need to do is tell us. Please email us or call us with your questions.

Don’t settle for what others have, get the gear you deserve!

Get your Quilts here! 

Always Handmade!

Always Made in America!

Always Custom!

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