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Brand: Cedar Ridge Outdoors

UP insulation feature a unique synthetic cluster built around the finest water resistant fibers of varying deniers and composition to mimic the natural down cluster better than any existing blowable synthetic on the market. By using deniers ranging in size – some smaller than one denier – the UP cluster is able to bind to each other better to provide more warmth and greater durability. Much like down, UP works by trapping air providing maximum insulation for a given weight.


UP has tested to be warmer than a 600 fill power Goose Down when tested for warmth based on equal volume. While no synthetic can equal the warmth to weight, compressibility and resiliency of down, UP makes up for it with sheer durability and water resistance.


In independent testing, UP has shown to have a loft equal to 625 Fill Power.


A synthetic insulation is only as good as its durability. Having been tested under harsh washing condition, UP is able to withstand 20+ repeated washings showing no discernible cold spots or clumping in baffles up to 3″ x 10″. With the warmth close to a 700 fill power down and able to be used in larger cold weather products, this new blowable insulation is one that finally transcends the small, lightweight jacket baffles common seen in comparable insulation.

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